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  • Our General Overseer (Rev Ola Thomas)
    Our General Overseer (Rev Ola Thomas)
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    Our Church Auditorium under construction
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    Rev and Pastor(Mrs) Ola Thomas
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Our General Overseer (Rev Ola Thomas)
Our General Overseer (Rev Ola Thomas)

Welcome to the Website of Latter Glory Mission Worldwide

Latter glory ministry offer hope to the lost souls in the rural areas, this is the mandate given to us by the spirit of God when the ministry was born some years ago. Latter glory ministry is passionate about the souls in the rural areas that are not in the same living conditions with their fellow men/women in the urban areas. They are set back in terms of Social amenities like Electricity connection and supply, clean potable water, medical facilities, educational facilities and good roads. Many in the riverine areas defecate in the same water they drink just as you can see for yourself in the picture above/below. All these factors affect the lives of the people resident in the rural areas adversely and also the gospel is preached to these areas are limited due to the living conditions in these locations.

Our church reaches the people with medical services with teams of doctors from the urban areas to consult and also provide free medication to the people in the rural areas; this medical mission was sponsored financially by the Light Bearers ministry. The children in these areas are also impacted with educational oriented mission, teaching them how to read and write and also preaching the gospel to the families? resident in the rural areas.

We are also into church planting where we organize crusade, mass evangelism and house to house evangelism as we preach the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit Rain Down
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